Akamai’s investment approach is fundamentally simple; we acquire companies with a sustainable competitive advantage, in which our involvement will enhance value creation - and we work with management to grow and improve the business. 

We believe that our ability to successfully realize investments is attributable in part to our strengths in strategy consulting and corporate advice. Our extensive operating experience instills discipline into the process of reviewing the financial and operating performance of our portfolio companies. 

Our success is based on the depth, breadth and experience of our professional team - who come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from operational roles in major companies to positions as strategy consultants and specialists in corporate finance. Akamai’s investment group is a hand-picked team of dedicated professionals working hard to create better, stronger businesses.

Our values and culture are central to our long-term success. We invest in companies and work with people with whom we are proud to associate ourselves. Akamai’s relationship with its portfolio companies is generally long term; we commit our own capital to every transaction and partner with senior managers, who invest a substantial portion of their own net worth in their business: 

Australian Blowmoulding Corporation
Australian Blowmoulding Corporation
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Year of Investment: 2004

Akamai is a majority shareholder of the Australian Blowmolding Corporation (ABC), a plastic bottle custom molding and closure systems specialist, with more than 20 years experience in pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

Australian Blowmoulding Corporation
Location: Perth, Australia
Year of Investment: 2007

Akamai is a majority shareholder of Fencemakers, a steel fabrication and fence making business based in Perth, specializing in the manufacturing of high quality steel fabricated fences and gates for homes, pools and commercial applications.

Australian Blowmoulding Corporation
Price Trandos Engineering
Location: Perth, Australia
Year of Investment: 2010

Akamai recently acquired a majority share of Price Trandos Engineering, a specialist manufacturer of control and instrumentation cabinets, low and medium voltage main and distribution switchboards. Price Trandos is an AS/NZS ISO 9001 accredited company with more than 20 years proven track records.